Steam, Apple, Amazon and Google Play gift cards

Prepaid gift cards. Region USA, EU and RU. Redeem codes are send to provided e-mail.


Verified PayPal accounts

100% working PayPal accounts, video tutorial and PDF included. Worldwide! 24/7 shipping, fully automated!


US, EU and Oceania credit cards

Verified and working CC dumps. Set up region in the order form.

It depends on the blockchain, bitcoin uses a technique that requires the "chain" to get confirmed by other hosts on the network. Usually this takes no more then 30 minutes. If its longer then 60 minutes, contact by email.
Read this FAQ first, if you sure you dindt make mistakes. Contact: tgssx@tutanota.com
In the option section there's a value of bitcoins, write this down and pay this EXACT amount to the address thats provided. For example 0.18452 BTC.
It depends on the service you are gonna buy stuff from. Personally I always use it on online trading and gaming services. For example steam, pokerstars and bet365 are easy cashout websites. Full details on this services are provided in the video and PDF.
We take good care of our customers, if you can provide proof that it is blocked within 12 hours of recieving, full refund is given. We are not responsible for stupid mistakes! Read the instructions carefully!
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